Peace Profile: Vicent Martínez Guzmán

14/11/2017 | Documentos AIPAZ


Vicent Martíınez Guzmán is a Spanish born philosopher, educationalist, and activist of the international peace research movement. For more than 20 years his philosophical and educational views have been an unavoidable reference in the debates on the normative and epistemological foundations of what he calls “the task of making peace(s).” Since the early 1990s, he has played a significant part in the development of interdisciplinary programs in Peace Studies in Spain. In 1999, he founded the UNESCO Chair of Philosophy for Peace at the University Jaume I, Castell´on. His work in the fields of communication, linguistics, and education in the phenomenological tradition have contributed to our understanding of “conflict transformation,” while promoting a renovation in human and social sciences.Vicent built up a life that encompasses research, publishing, education, university management, and activism for peace. His advocacy for peace values based on “communicative solidarity” has had an extensive influence in academia, community life, and educational debates.

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